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3 Phones,
Caller ID
Consider New Phone System.

Consider New Phone System.

To many problems with your old phone system?  Consider a new phone system.  System starter kits starting as low as $749 with a two year factory warranty.  Consider a new system with 8 phones, caller ID and voice mail for $2299.00.
Receive a free music on hold kit with the purchase of a new system valued at $1200 or more.

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Panasonic Replacement Phones for the KX-TD and KX-TA.

Panasonic Replacement Phones for the KX-TD and KX-TA.

KX-T7400 and KX-T7200 series for the KX-TD 308, 816 & 1232 Phone Systems, KX-TA7000, KX-T7100 and Series replacement phones for the KX-TA624 & 1232 Phone Systems.

Now that the KX-TD has been discontinued E System Sales is the leader in providing replacement pieces and parts for the KX-TD and KX-TA.

We also carry a complete line of replacement hardware for the KX-TD and KX-TA Phone Systems.  Including: CO & Station expansion cards, PRI and T1 Cards, Caller ID & DISA Cards.  If what you see is not on our site for availability and pricing  800 619 9566.
Nortel Replacement phones for the T series and M Series.

Nortel Replacement phones for the T series and M Series.

Also 4-port DS/LS trunk cards with and with out caller ID for the MICS & CICS, Fiber Expansion cards also available.

We carry a complete line of replacement hardware for all Nortel telephone systems.  Please call for availability and pricing 800 619 9566

NEC Elite Replacement Telephones.

NEC Elite Replacement Telephones.

Elite, Electra Elite, IPK48 and IPK 192 telephones expansion cards replacement cards and more....

Avaya Replacement Phones and Hardware

New and refurbished Avaya telephones, processors and hardware.
If you do not see what you are looking for please call 800 619 9566.

Mitel refurbished replacement phones and hardware.

Mitel refurbished replacement phones and hardware.

Refurbished Mitel replacement telephones.  Expansion cards and replacement hardware also available.  Please call 800 619 9566 for availability and pricing or email at

Vodavi Starplus 616 and DHS Replacement phones and hardware.

Vodavi Starplus 616 and DHS Replacement phones and hardware.

Specializing in Vodavi Starplus STS, Starplus DHS, and the Starplus 616 series telephone systems.

Multitech Voice Over IP.  Toll free long distance calls  world wide VOIP units that plug into any CO/Trunk port using both SIP and H.323 Voice Over IP Protocols make most any phone system an IP phone.  Extend and extension offsite and have all of the capabilities as if on-site.

Corded and cordless head Sets.
Over the Ear and over the head headsets.  Do two things at one time.  You will never be with out a headset ever again.

Music on hold.  You know you hate hold!  Make hold a happy place for your callers.  Help them relieve stress with pleasant music.  Better yet, use that time to deliver information they need to know, especially about your products or services.

Ask us how we can reduce your telephone costs!
Concerned with the outbound and inbound calls being placed thru your phone system that are not business related?.

NEC 2000 with 8 display speakerphones, caller ID, voice mail, automated attendant, maximum expansion of 16 lines in X 32 speaker phones.  System comes out of the box ready to expand to 8 lines in X 16 telephones with the addition of extra telephones and wiring or available incoming lines provided by your service provider.

Call for details 800 619 9566  or


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